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Tax Free Delivery

NUMOBAMS Tax Free Delivery for over 20K Big Parcl Delivery Service

1.Tax free and delivery to door service(some remote area cannot arrive,confirm with us by post code and city name before order)

Thailand,Malaysia,The United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,Bahrain,Oman,Iraq,Australia,England,Germany,Austria,Belgium,Spain,Netherland,Luxembourg,Portugal,Slovenia,Sweden,Denmark,Czech republic,Croatia,Greece,Slovakia,Hungary,France,Italy,Poland,Finland,Lithuania,Latvia,Estonia,Romania,Ireland,Bulgaria,


2.Tax free and delivery to door service(Main city)

Vietnam(Only to Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi address),Philippines(Only to Manila address)


3.Tax free and delivery to door service (Provide detail address to confirm delivery to door cost before order)

Canada, U.S.A


4.DDU (Deliveyr to door service,but buyer need pay import duty when receive the pacel)

Korea, Japan, Singapore


5.Tax free and delivery to the nearest logistical warehouse

Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russian Federation


For Russian customer: You need pick up the parcel at the nearest Baikal company or JDE company warehouse.You also can tell us which transport company is convenient for you to pick up parcel (Russian Post and CDEK cannot send over 20KG parcel)

You also can pay extra cost to transport company to ask delivery to door service,when they inform you go to their warehouse pick up machine.The freight cost is depends on the distance from your address to their warehouse. That delivery to door cost is negotiable according to different situation and would be cheaper than we asked from China.

For EU customer:

Over 10KG weight parcel, choose NUMOBAMS shipping method is tax free price. No matter you choose product send from China or Spian or Poland. It is tax free price, we will cover VAT for you, no need you pay extra VAT cost. If send from China, tax free method is long delivery time, around 40-50 days. If you want fast delivery by courier company, we cannot make it tax free. 
Below 10KG weight parcel, only send out from Spain or Poland product is tax free price. If send out from China, you will be asked to pay VAT cost.


Delivery By Sea, Tracking Page: http://www.shipxy.com/
Most Courier Company Parcel can be tracked on : www.17track.net 
Russian Customer Big Parcel Tracking Page: http://tenghui.kingtrans.cn/WebTrack?action=list 
Korea Customer Big Parcel Tracking Page: http://hgzx.kingtrans.cn/WebTrack?action=list
EU and Middle East Big Parcel Tracking Page: www.17track.net